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Intuitive Readings


If you ask me to,

I can read you!

Others call it Extra Sensory Perception


Simply just "knowing"

This gift has been potent in me since I was 16.  I always

avoided it because it was a little weird in the eyes of the

masses.  I have come to find now that by fully embracing

this gift, it is no longer a burden. And I find it so much fun.


I can not tell you anything about you that you don't already

know.  T he fun part happens when I tell you things that you

never told me- or anyone else .  I can not predict the future

because the future can always be changed based on the

decisions you make in the here and now.  But I can provide

you with insight based on decisions you are making right now

and how that could potentially effect your future.

If nothing else, you get a great conversation with a spiritual

intellectual who has dedicated her life to being the best me I can be.

My ultimate goals in life are: (besides to have fun)

To go to all the places that time will allow

Meet all the people along the way that space will allow

and to exchange any information along the way with the willing

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